The project MACSS (Medical Allround-Care Service Solutions) proposes a new patient-centered smart electronic health care service platform with partners from research, industry, health insurance companies, patient organizations and health care service providers. The project focuses on improving the safety of patients after kidney transplants. Moreover, the project aims at improving the drug safety of patients and patients-physicians and physicians-physicians communication.

MACSS will develop a mobile, bidirectional application that allows to transfer patient data on the smartphone within the clinical routine treatment of the patient. A security and authorization concept to protect this highly sensitive data has been created and has already been approved. MACSS integrates patient data from other medical services and hospital systems by using advanced memory databases for different information services. Innovative technologies will aggregate, analyze and recombine medical data in order to provide personalized real-time therapy. In addition, MACCS will help to reduce costs in the health care system in the long term.

Within the MACSS project, DFKI researchers work on topics such as natural language processing, text analysis and information extraction. In this context textual data will be processed, medical concepts and relations detected and connected to a large biomedical knowledge source (e.g. UMLS), in order to improve the patient and physician communication.


18-19th of October 2017 - Attending ii2030 in Berlin

14th of September 2017 - Talk at GSCL 2017 in Berlin: "Detecting Named Entities and Relations in German Clinical Reports"

6th of September 2017 - Talk at RANLP 2017 in Varna: "Annotation of Entities and Relations in Spanish Radiology Reports"

12th of June 2017 - Talk at Potsdam Computational Linguistics Colloquium

27th of April 2017 - Talk at BioCreative V.5 Challenge Evaluation Workshop in Barcelona

5.-6. April 2017 - MACSS Milestone Meeting in Potsdam

20.-24. March 2017 - Presentation of MACSS at CeBIT in Hannover

October 2016 - Accepted papers for COLING 2016 Workshops Clinical NLP and BioTxtM.

05th of August 2016 - Talk at SMBM 2016

24th of June 2016 - Accepted paper for the 7th International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (SMBM) in Potsdam, Germany

12th of May 2016 - MACSS-Annotation Workshop at DFKI

07th of March 2016 - MACSS Kick-off Meeting at Charité in Berlin


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This research is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) through the project MACSS (01MD16011F).